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Great Ideas for Halloween decoration with Christmas tree

Great Ideas for Halloween decoration with Christmas tree

Mar 06 , 2021
In case you didn’t know, Halloween Christmas tree decoration is doing rounds for the past few years. While decorating a Christmas tree with rainbow lights, red ribbons and glowing bulbs is the go-to look for the last week of December, decorating a Christmas tree for Halloween is all about witch hats, cobwebs and pumpkins.

When Fall is coming,, and enthusiastic Halloween fans are running errands to adorn their homes with Christmas inspired decorations. An artificial ceramic Christmas tree looks great, it is sturdy and strong, and it can be refashioned in many ways in honor of this spooky holiday. Essentially, a Halloween Christmas tree is just an ordinary Christmas tree that is decorated with Halloween themed ornaments and decorations.

Although Halloween is celebrated with different flavors and zeal in different parts of the world, the trend of dressing a Christmas tree for Halloween has been around for some time now. Do a quick search online and you will quickly understand how popular it has got. The basic idea is that rather than looking stylish and beautiful, they are meant to look ghoulish and creepy.

So, if you are celebrating Halloween this year and you have bought the cute ceramic Christmas tree, then take a look at these great decoration ideas for inspiration.

One great Halloween idea is to replace the star at the top of the Christmas tree with a real or fake Halloween pumpkin. This is one of the most common ideas that many people use to decorate their Christmas tree for Halloween. Some people also like to replace the top star with a witch hat to give it a witch like look. Other top ornaments can be over-sized eyeballs, fake skulls, etc. to give it a scary look and frighten your guests.

White pumpkin accents, Ceramic Pumpkin Lantern, Jack Skeleton ornaments, twinkling orange lights, spider ornaments, fake spider webs, orange garlands, eyeballs, fake skulls, and skeletons can be good ideas to decorate other parts of the tree.

A Christmas tree decorated in white color with pops of eerie decorations and orange ornaments looks spooky and ghostly. Give it a funny look with pennant garland and polka dot ribbons, and balance the fright factor.

If you place a witch hat, a fake skull, a large pumpkin, or a witch face on top of the Christmas tree, you can decorate the rest of the tree like the skirt of the witch. Add some scary faces, candy filled pouches, paper crafts, disco balls, spider webs, and ribbons on the skirt to make it appropriate for Halloween.

Make some yarn pumpkins in different colors and add them wherever there is some empty space in your tree. These yarn pumpkins are easy to make, and they look like spider webs to some extent. They also look crafty that match the look of a Halloween theme décor.

Decorating the Halloween tree in a black and white theme gives it a ghostly look that you desire. Place a witch hat on the top, two eye balls a little below that, and lots of ribbons, signage, ornaments, balls, and baubles in the rest of the tree. You may also make the hair of the witch with the help of rolled pipe cleaners. Make sure that everything is in white or black color, and place them strategically in contrasting colors. With this kind of decoration, your silver tinsel Christmas tree becomes a refined but spooky piece that has the power to enthrall your guests.

Halloween trees look best when decorated in colors that look appropriate for the occasion. Some of the ghostliest colors used on Halloweens are purple, green and orange. So, you can keep these colors as a theme for your Halloween tree and gather all the ornaments in these colors to decorate. Decorate the top with witch hat or witch hair, and decorate the skirt with skulls, candies, fake bones, ribbons, balls, and lights.

An all-black tree would be a great idea to go for this cute ceramic Christmas tree. Top it up with a black wig and decorate other parts with black ribbons, black paper crafts, black lights, black candies, etc. In an all-black tree, some fake orange pumpkins with black eyes, nose and mouth will complete the look.

As far as Halloween is concerned, it is not all about witches and pumpkins, but black cats also play a role in making the atmosphere spookier. Instead of enhancing your tree with plain string lights and ribbons, you can make black cat garlands with spooky black cat faces. Cut out the desired number of cat faces on black card stock, kno
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