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The introduction of ceramic bowl

The introduction of ceramic bowl

Mar 19 , 2021

Ceramic bowls are the favorite bowl for many people across the world. They aren’t indestructible, but they are definitely a little bit more sturdy than your average glass bowl is. A really nice ceramic bowl can be very visually appealing as well, as they have a very distinct look that will look nice on your dinner table. This is going to be your everyday type of bowl that you will use for multiple purposes. I will tell you the benefits of using ceramic bowl.
animal shaped fruit bowl

1.Easy to wash

The glazed surface of daily-use porcelain is bright and delicate, and it is Easy to clean.

2. Good thermal stability and slow heat transfer

The tableware has the performance that it is not easy to burst when it undergoes a certain temperature difference and rapid heat and cold changes. It is superior to glassware. It is a poor conductor of heat and transfers heat slowly. It is used to hold boiling water or hot food, and it is not too hot to handle.

3. Stable chemical properties and durable

This is superior to metal products such as copperware, ironware, aluminumware, etc. Daily-use porcelain has a certain resistance to acid, alkali, salt and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is not easy to chemically react with these substances, and not rust and age.

4. Porcelain has very few pores and low water absorption

Store food in porcelain for daily use, and seal the mouth tightly to prevent water volatilization, penetration, and damage from external bacteria in the food.

5. Colorful painted decoration

Especially the lead-free poisoning hazards such as high-temperature glazes and blue and white decorations, which can be used boldly and are very popular.
Ceramic Dinosaur Bowl

We are professional company that specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of high quality ceramic wares and crafts. And our Hand Painting Ceramic Dinosaur Bowl Animal Shape Fruit Bowl is Made from durable and lightweight ceramic, these handy bowls are perfect for separating out small ingredients while prepping and cooking. Packaged in a gift-ready box, these pinch bowls make a great addition to any hostess, wedding or housewarming gift.

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