Ceramic Jewelry Box


Ceramic Money Box is not only a Ceramic Money Box but also a creative decoration.

Designers integrate design into emotion, bid farewell to the monotonous life,and only more stylish decoration can better reveal their own personality and pursuit.Each money jar, concave and convex have the shape feeling that sends, vivid realistic art,all show delicate do sth. for the work, put such a bottle clever pottery and porcelain handicraft in the home,

add life interest to the environment as dry as a bone, cure the bramble of heart, the road ahead is brilliant,beautiful and artful. Ceramic piggy bank, simple with gorgeous, low-key with connotation,into the ornament of art, follow the outline of the artistic sense, add such a different style.To feel the craft beauty of Ceramic Money Box crafts, with a simple and open-minded heart, will put down all the bondage of unease, experience the growth and greatness of life. Each Ceramic Money Box, smooth structure, bright color, a variety of styles, you can choose, made for you.

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