Ceramic Candle Holder, adopt high quality porcelain clay, after medium and high temperature firing and become, material is delicate, strong and durable, round cup mouth, round and wide, convenient pot wax, lit or extinguished candles.Elegant candlestick, retro do not lose charm, and has a high artistic appreciation value. In the life of this fast rhythm,enjoying the fragrant grass that fume fume and atmosphere can let a person relax,and in respect of candlestick of pottery and porcelain, qualitative of material of pottery and porcelain is having more practical, be not afraid of because of combustion transition and be out of shape. Quality will not compromise, excellent, from the craftsmanship. In the simple flow of quiet, with quiet and comfortable romantic feelings,showing the elegance of hardness and softness, showing the natural beauty.

Ceramic Candle Holder, suitable for a variety of scenes, use and fashion. Let life add a touch of mind,see the world with calm heart, use light household layout to purify the original air. Simple design concept, exquisite workmanship, this is not only the product, but also the fashion charm of the temptation of art.

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